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My Vision: To help organizations and individuals fully realize their value and potential for positive impact on their teams, customers, and communities, resulting in workplaces where everyone truly believes their work is significant.

My Mission: I help leaders set up a system that provides clarity so their teams feel valued and can perform at their highest potential.

Core Values:

  • Clear is Kind

  • Lead with Intention

  • Value Diverse Strengths

Click here to download The Prepared Leader one page summary.

My job when working with you is to work myself out of a job, knowing your teams are
fully equipped with the practical skills needed to manage through the day-to-day
challenges that come with running an organization and leading people.

My kind of consulting is not about simply giving recommendations and advice, I will roll up my sleeves and get right into the work with your teams to provide you with the tangible tools, tailored to your team's needs, that will leave you empowered to implement sustainable change.

With over 20 years of experience in various operational and leadership roles, I've realized that I find great joy and fulfillment in creating calm from chaos. My approach is based on combining my Industrial Engineering background with practical experience building processes and systems that serve as the foundation of team ownership and accountability.

Ultimately, my goals go beyond just improving organizations. My heart is to see every individual equipped not just to survive but to thrive at work. I believe God has gifted each of us with a set of skills and talents that are uniquely ours, and when an organization can create an atmosphere that values and develops the strengths of every team member, that is how we experience the truly extraordinary.

On a personal note, here are a few fun facts about me:

  • Through my life and work I strive to glorify God and positively impact the lives of everyone I interact with. 

  • The loves of my life are my wonderful husband and two beautiful daughters.

  • Health is something I don't take for granted so I stay active by running or working up a sweat at my local Orangetheory Fitness.

About Me
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