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Decrease Turnover
Increase Productivity
Improve Employee Engagement

Implement a system for your operations that provides clarity so your team feels valued and can perform at their
highest potential.

Has your organization experienced:

  • Growth that raises concerns on the ability of your existing team, processes, and systems to provide sustainable support?

  • Confusion regarding where time and resources should be prioritized and how accountability should take place?

  • Frustration with employees who are struggling to perform at the level required to support business needs?

  • Turnover due performance and culture concerns?

Now, imagine your organization defined as one that provides:


Employees are able to perform at their highest potential when everyone is clear on what the organization stands for, the culture they want to create and the work that needs to be done.

Defined Processes & Systems

Established and documented best practices leads to faster onboarding, improved quality, enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and a safer work environment, along with many other organizational benefits.


Every leader excels in fostering a culture of ownership, ensuring clarity of expectations, implementing a performance management framework, and prioritizing rewards and recognition for outstanding performance.

Robust Training & Development

A system to support employee success from an individual's first interaction with a company. This provides alignment from day one across all levels on what it means to win as an individual, team, and organization.

As both a leader and an employee, I've experienced the frustration and confusion that takes place when clarity is lacking. Although solving
these issues may seem like a daunting task, achieving alignment is more straightforward than you might think. That's where I come in.



Welcome to The Prepared Leader

My name is Tania Will Jeppesen

With over two decades of experience working with organizations of all sizes, I have discovered that my strengths shine brightest when collaborating with leaders to create structure and processes that enable ownership and accountability. My goal is to foster a culture where every individual feels valued, empowered and encouraged to use their unique skills and abilities to their full potential.

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